Get back to running your business

Let's face it, managing finances can be time-consuming and simply overwhelming.

That's why I'm here!

Hi, my name is Larissa. My passion for small business and background in office management and accounting has led me to open Busypro Bookkeeping. I work to alleviate this know...the thing that keeps you up at night. Now with over eight years of experience, I’ve been able to help many gain control of their finances through customized plans including streamlined processes with less paper clutter, budgeting, bill paying, invoicing and more.

Many of my clients have been with me since day one. My loyalty, integrity and drive to help each client meet their financial goals is the very core of Busypro. My full suite of services provides the bookkeeping support you need to get back to what you love doing the most - running your business!

When I’m not working with clients, I love spending time with my family, exploring interior design, trying new restaurants and traveling.


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